Alpine Aerotech PaintshopAlpine Aerotech LP’s Paint Shop staff, are experienced coating technicians, skilled in the art and science of producing “Best in Class” aircraft paint services, from minor touch-ups to paint stripping, preparation and coating of aircraft interiors and exteriors.

We exclusively utilise Plastic Media Blast (PMB), a very efficient and environmentally responsible technique to remove old paints and fillers, leaving a clean dry surface devoid of any residues common to unpleasant chemical paint removal processes.

Alpine Aerotech LP. paint facilities are equipped with pressure and temperature controlled paint booths.

Booth One (59’ x 16’ x 20’) can accommodate a complete Bell Medium Helicopter
Booth Two (30’ x 14’ x 9’) is utilised for processing piece parts and components
Booth Three (59’x 23’) can accommodate a complete Bell Medium Helicopter


Generous accommodation is also devoted to paint preparation, which enhances our booth utilization, while reducing paint process cycle times.

Inquiries for Alpine Aerotech LP Aircraft Paint Services should be directed to George Foster email Ph: 250-769-6344

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