Alpine Aerotech LP leading edge Engineering resources are focused on opportunities to improve safety, increase aircraft utilisation, improve operational performance, and reduce maintenance costs, while providing design and certification services for those solutions, and daily support for operational equipment and technical information necessities throughout the company.

This dynamic purpose, together with consideration for the individual necessities of each customer driven requirement, and in concert with the genuine ability and desire to innovate, provides directly  to the industry preferred “Helicopter Solution Services” and “Helicopter Solution Products” unique to Alpine Aerotech LP.

Through the Engineering Department, Alpine Aerotech LP is continually refining and expanding our already extensive proprietary product line of innovative, well proven, practical and cost effective “Helicopter Solution Products”.

Our knowledgeable engineering staff approach every project assisted by advanced CAD/CAM software, state of the art digital verification equipment and systems, and with the determination to optimise the integration of design and process attributes, and air worthiness requirements, while minimising costs, and lead time.

Inquiries for the Alpine Aerotech LP Engineering Department, or engineering support for our “Helicopter Solution Products & Services” can be directed to.

Simon Konte Engineering Technician
Tim Smith Engineering Technician
Vaughan Billing PRM
  Ph: 250-769-6344